My San Jac Story - Nhien Nguyen

Life as a San Jac Orientation Leader

Photo of my co-workers and supervisor

It has been months since I started working as an Orientation Leader on South campus and so far, I’ve been enjoying this job so much. I like the feeling when my expressed opinions are listened by everyone and how the new students all concentrate on my speech.  I chose this job because I love being a part of the campus community and assisting new students, especially the international students. I’m an international student too so I know exactly how tough it feels when you start school in another country.  Even though I still feel stressed and nervous sometimes (because I’m quite an introvert person so it takes me a long time to gain enough courage to talk fluently in front of a large group) I’m getting better every day, thanks to my lovely co-workers and my supervisor for always supporting and encouraging me.  They are probably the coolest people I’ve ever met on campus. The laughter never ends when they are around! Yay! 

I think cultural difference between the Eastern and Western is what makes me feel stressful sometimes, but I don’t want to be that type of person who huddles in my safe zone.  They say you only have one life to live so why not take advantage of the chances you have and live your life to its fullest every day? Things are not going to be easy for me until I find myself completely fit in this job, but I feel prideful because I always have stories to tell after each orientation sessions.